"Guitar Hero" kachina doll by Herb Talahaftewa (Hopi)

Chipmunk kachina doll by Cecil Calnimptewa (Hopi)

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Chipmunk kachina doll by Cecil Calnimptewa (Hopi)

Cecil Calnimptewa Jr. was born in 1950 and is a member of the Bamboo Clan. He has been active carving since 1966. His father, Cecil Calnimptewa Sr, was a carver and as a boy, Cecil Jr. used to help sand and paint his father's carvings. He studied art in high school and at Haskell Junior College in Lawrence, Kansas. Cecil's detailed and dynamic carvings are based on his keen study of the human form and can be found in multiple public and private collections, including the Museum of Northern Arizona and the Heard Museum. He is one of the very few carvers to have a book dedicated to his work "The Kachina Dolls of Cecil Calnimptewa: Their Power Their Splendor" by Theda Bassman.

measurements: 14" tall x 16" base circumference

**This is a consignment item and has been previously owned.**

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