The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones

The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones

"The Red Bird All-Indian Traveling Band" by Franci Washburn

The Wisdom of Donkeys by Andy Merrifield

The Wisdom of Donkeys: Finding Tranquility in a Chaotic World by Andy Merrifield

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"Donkeys are a ubiquitous part of Arizona history, so when my biggest distributor started carrying this title, I ordered it without a second thought. Once it arrived, I discovered it was about a journey that took place in France, though at least a donkey was involved. Oh well, I thought, I'll wait until these copies sell out and then take it off my order list. I changed my mind about that when I sold out in one day. Apparently the steady, patient character of donkeys has wide appeal, whether you're in the deserts and canyons of Arizona or the mountains of France. So it's a little off the beaten path for us, but I trust the judgement of my customers. Come and learn some of that wisdom for yourselves."
-Emily Hogan, Books & More buyer