Klagetoh rug by Rena Begay (Navajo)

Klagetoh rug by Rena Begay (Navajo)

Klagetoh Rug by Rena Begay (Navajo)

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Klagetoh Rug by Rena Begay (Navajo)

Rena Begay is an award winning weaver from Pinon, Arizona. She was taught to sheer sheep, card, spin and dye wool and weave by her mother Marie Begay and one of her aunts when she was a teenager. She completed her first rug by herself when she was 17. She has won awards for her weaving at the Gallup Intertribal, Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Museum. She has been active weaving since 1970.

Typical Klagetoh rugs resemble Ganado rugs but are distinguished by a grey background rather than red. Apart from the red areas, the wools usually used are natural and range from white, grey to tan and black although black wool may be enhanced with commercial dye. The name comes from a small area south of Ganado and translates as "Hidden Springs."

This rug measures 3' x 4'4"
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