Glass totem by Ed Noisecat (Secwepemc'/St'itlimx)

Glass totem by Ed Noisecat (Secwepemc'/St'itlimx)

"Hopi Butterfly" bronze sculpture by Doug Hyde (Nez Perce)

"Celestial Dreams" painting by Karen Clarkson (Choctaw)

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c. 2008 "Celestial Dreams" oil on canvas painting by Karen Clarkson (Choctaw)

"The spiritual fulfillment of a man depends on how he is able to project himself into the spiritual world as he performs. He really doesn't perform for the third parties who form the audience. Rather the audience becomes his personal self. He tries to express to himself his own conceptions about the spiritual ideals that he sees in the kachina. He is able to do so behind the mask becasue he has lost his personal identity."
- Emory Sekaquaptewa, I Become Part of It.

"We must realize that there are many ways of looking and that understanding is shaped by where you put your eyes."

measurements: 23" x 41" framed
(includes certificate of authenticity from artist)