Kachina Doll by Wilson Tawaquaptewa (Hopi)

Kachina Doll by Wilson Tawaquaptewa (Hopi)

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Unknown Kachina doll by Wilson Tawaquaptewa (Hopi)

Wilson Tawaquaptewa was born in 1873 and was a member of the Bear Clan. He was from the village of Oraibi on Third Mesa on the Hopi Reservation in Northern Arizona and became village chief of Oraibi in 1904. He governed during a time of tremendous turmoil at Oraibi between factions termed the Friendlies, who advocated cooperation with the US government, and the Hostiles, who advocated for resistance. This turmoil resulted in the formation of two new villages: Hotevilla and Bacavi. Tawaquaptewa was the leader of the Friendlies and some time after this split began making Kachina dolls and other carvings for the tourists who were flocking to the southwest after the completion of the trans-continental railway. He never accurately depicted a Kachina figure that he intended to sell in order to protect its sacred nature. He altered designs and traditional patterns to produce truly unique art works. His aesthetic has been renewed by younger carvers like Ryon Polequaptewa who follow in his tradition of altering known Kachina figures and inventing new ones. Tawaquaptewa died in 1960.

This Kachina doll dates to the 1940's and is in very good shape. The carved portion measures 18 inches tall and the body measures 4 inches wide and 3 3/4 inches thick. Ear to ear measures 7 inches.

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