Native American Bolo Ties by Pardue & Sandfield

Native American Bolo Ties by Pardue & Sandfield

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Native American Bolo Ties: Vintage and Contemporary Artistry by Diana Pardue with Norman Sandfield

This book tells the story of the development of the bolo tie while focusing on those made primarily by Native American artists. Bolo ties, representing the casualness and somewhat ruggedness of the West, emerged as a form of men's neckwear in the 1940s. They directly countered business suits, and the formality suits represented, and instead marked a different style and a different way of life. In particular, Native American jewelers and silversmiths brought individuality and creativity to this art form, offering a broad range of unique and artistic options.

The bolo ties included in the book come from the Heard Museum permanent collection of more than 170 bolo ties and from the promised gift of Norman L. Sandfield. His collection consists of more than 1,000 bolo ties, scarf slides and ephemera.

The book shows the antecedents of the bolo tie including Victorian neckwear, scarf slides and string tie slides. The popularity of the bolo tie was increased through Western wear and through 1950s television shows and movies. Some TV and movie personalities who brought scarf slides and bolo ties into the everyday vernacular include the Cisco Kid, Hopalong Cassidy and Roy Rogers.

More than 190 photographs of bolo ties and scans of historic photographs are included in the book.

Soft cover, 155 pages

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