Deer Dancer Kachina Sculpture by Ronald Honyouti (Hopi)

Deer Dancer Kachina Sculpture by Ronald Honyouti (Hopi)

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Deer dancer Kachina sculpture in bronze by Ronald Honyouti (Hopi)

Ronald Honyouti was born in 1955 and has been carving Kachina dolls since the age of 12. He learned to carve from his father Clyde and his elder brother Brian Honyouti. He is known for his realistic single piece carvings which he carefully details with oil paints rather than acrylics. He has won numerous awards and in 1985 was the recipient of a Fellowship award from the South West American Indian Association (SWAIA). His carvings can be found in the collections of the Museum of Northern Arizona, the Kolbe Collection, Anthropology Museum at the University of Missouri, the Heard Museum and the University of Oklahoma Museum of Art.

This is sculpture is taken directly from a Kachina doll carving by Ronald Honyouti. In the early/mid 1980's, Bruce McGee worked with several Kachina carvers, among them: Ronald Honyouti, Lowell Talashoma, Neil David Sr, and Cecil Calnimptewa, to create limited edition bronze sculptures from their carvings. To make this Deer dancer Kachina, Ron carved an original Kachina doll in wood. Molds were taken and then cast in bronze. This particular sculpture is number 16 of an edition of 25 and is in excellent condition. The color decoration comes from an acid patina process and is also in excellent condition. The piece is signed by the artist and dated "'85".

This sculpture measures 9 1/2 inches tall, including the base. Base circumference measures 16 1/2 inches.

This item is an estate item and is not eligible for member discount or return.

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