Have You Heard Signature CD

Have You Heard Signature CD

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Price: $15.00

Have You Heard Signature CD

The Heard Museum, in partnership with Canyon Records has created a signature CD! This distinctive compilation of music provides a musical experience that reflects the diversity of cultures and expressions of Native people. This album demonstrates the Heard Museum's commitment to collect, preserve and present artists experiences in first-person voices.

Featured Artists/ Groups:

  • R. Carlos Nakai
  • Will Clipman
  • William Eaton
  • Anthony Wakeman and Aaron White
  • Radmilla Cody with Herman Cody
  • Tony Duncan
  • Joanne Shenandoah
  • Coyote Jump
  • LeeAnn Brady
  • Estun-Bah
  • Fawn Wood
  • Burning Sky
  • Robert Tree Cody
  • A. Paul Ortega
  • Keola Beamer
The CD retails for $15.00 and makes a great souvenir or gift.
Special bonus: the Heard Museum Cafe's signature Posole recipe included inside!

This cd, unless ordered with other items, can be sent Media Mail for $5.00. Please disregard UPS charges at checkout.

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